The Black Pool Development Timeline:

  • March 2022 – Development starts
  • June 2023 –¬†Closed beta
  • September 2023 –¬†Early Access launch
  • Summer 2024 – Game Release

The Black Pool has been in development for nearly 2 years.

We are self funded and are not seeking funding. To this point, we have spent no money on marketing, only doing necessary grassroots marketing to build a small but passionate community to help provide feedback as we iterate on the game on the Beta and Early Access portion of development.

All the initial designed systems have been developed. We are now adding additional systems and content based on feedback from the community. The Black Pool is targeting a summer full release. Now is the time for us to bring on a Marketing Partner.

Many details of the game are on the Steam Storefront. Rather than spending a bunch of time hypothetically talking about what the game could be, we would rather show you what the game is.

Steam Keys to try the game. We highly recommend playing it co-op.
  • 2N4Z8-G2VD0-GP929
  • KMAMY-LNPG3-4740G
  • 9I763-FP7ZK-FNR72

We are extremely passionate about this project and would be thrilled to talk about the game with you further.